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A few posts off a forum I know...

Scolari out! Even Grant wasn't this bad
Is it that hard to have a *****n shot at the goals..
Thing thaty pi**** me off,under Jose at half time we'd come out a diff team.1-0 down you wouldnt worry.His subs always worked and arg!! He prob dont care but gotta be annoying for him in a way watching and seeing a complete diff team to what he made

Get angry ffs!!!!!Shout and wine and kick up dont read the riot act cause it dont work!

Drogba also arg!!Like Southend it seems to be I missed meh
....Hmm looks like a fight for second place again.I just honestly hope scum dont win it.I'd rather Man you then scum!

And at the mo..take Drogba with you when you go back Jose!!Cant see him being here next season
3rd place here we come

It was coming.

We'll be struggling to get a CL place if we continue to play this bad.
good bye EPL
and good bye scolari
3rd place? The way Villa are playing? Good luck with that one. UEFA Cup at best with Scolari as manager.
Sacked in the morning
I want him sacked in the morning
I want him sacked in the morning!!


Great reading it! :p Haha.....

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germufc said:
Keano, what are you doing in a Chelsea forum?? Spill the beans now......

Only messing that was a funny read mate, especially wanting Scolari sacked in the morning!! Aren't we lucky we have Fergie. As I've said in the last few posts about the game though, well done to the legends Neville and Giggs, I'm proud to wear Giggsy's name on my back today. Outstanding.

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