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Crying Chelsea fans said:
somebody in the pre match thread posted this score line exactly this way..
really im totally ****ed off.. Poor game by standards of chelsea and btw drogba..Hats off to him , if u cant score at least show some devotion , dedication to game and to ur side... he plays as if he is playing gully football... Utterly careless..

God save chelsea (And me frm frnds' taunts)

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well we mst concentrate on ucl nw..maybe fa cup also.......bcoz after today's performance doesnt luk we r gonna lift de league trophy....


Chelsea doesnt deserve even a draw, let alone winning.. Man U came with a plan and executed it to the fullest.. Free kicks, corners and even throw ins were dominated by ManU.. Lampard and Drogba were smiling even after 2-0.. I dont see any commitement or even determination to win.. Only Terry (though he also made some mistakes), Belleti (durig the time he played) and Ballack seemed desperate to win.. Rest Cole was not even seen on the pitch.. Cech shud have saved the first one.. Mikel made too many mistakes.. Carvalho and A Cole were okk.. Bosingwa has been useless from the last 5 games or so.. Deco was a waste..

I dont think Chelsea are showing the teamwork and dedication needed to win.. Dont blame LFS bcos I think the team selection was fine.. Deco was substituted so no favourism..

Well if we continue playing like this, I dont think we are gonna win anything that includes EPL and UCL..

IMO we need some new players specially a striker bcos Drogba aint showing any commitement, seems to be just walking in a garden.I'd sell him and get a new striker. And then I guess we need better team work..

ℕσ1 ѕα♆z ι₮ѕ ℕʆ♆
I for one think that scolari has lost it!
He substituted deco instead of ballack(thou the reports r that it was bcoz of a knock)bt im pretty sure it was becoz wt happnd earlier n he was afraid to take off ballack..who althou is mah favourite player but was,worst on the filed tonite.
He did not had an idea when he brought on all the three strikers,I wonder wt he was trying to do.
His faithfull substitutes ballleti came in for arguably the second best defender tonite(after carvallho)
wt was he doing???? afraid of taking decissions...
more than the loss what hurted me most was the fact that we not for one instant looked like a team who can even control the match,let alone winning!
Possibly the worst match of the season,and more importantly..a one.. in which iv almost lost half my faith on scolari succeeding!
sorry to say but he is just too too afraid of taking harsh decisions!

one of the most saddest day iv had as a chelsea fan!

No one to blame but the Chelsea 'fans' who hounded Grant out last season.

The booing, the threats, the racism - all culminated in him leaving the club.

And what did we get? one of the most inept managers I've seen in a long time.

3-0 is unacceptable. Our form is unacceptable. I still stick by my criteria posted elsewhere for sacking Scolari, and he isn't at that stage yet. But if he doesn't do something drastic, and, NOW, then he will be falling into that criteria soon. If he continues like this, then it wont MATTER that we can't get world class talent to replace the man, because quite frankly there are plenty of managers who can do better than this. If AVRAM could, then we can find someone at least like that.

Super Didier

Drogba was a disgrace,shouldn't even have started the game

Scolari should be sacked,hasnt a clue,didn't defend against the corners again and now we're out of the title race

Roman just get Scolari out,bring in Mancini or someone till the end of the season

We deserved to get a draw, based on our first half performance, but slack set shot marking has cost us once more. Ronaldo never plays well against big teams, and he played fantastic against us today... So what the hell does that say about our performance?

That said, we lost at Old Trafford, one of the hardest places to win in the entire WORLD, and 3 - 0 was a complete misrepresentation. 2 - 0 max. We have 17 games to go, and Man U may just burn out with all their games this month.

Don't sack Scolari. Maybe sell Drogba. Blame the players.

Joe Cole, Drogba, Bosingwa, Ballack, Lampard, Deco, Carvalho, Anelka, Belletti... All very, very below par. Terry, Ashley Cole, Mikel, Cech... They were average at best. Di Santo should've come on way earlier, not when we were 2 - 0 down with 6 mins to go.

Sir Robben
Can some one answer me why Man U don't kill and ruin football with the spending and the dominance of winning all trophies left right and centre yet the media and people don't mention it ?

Also, anyone who says Sack Scolari, I'm boycotting Chelsea, or the like.. Should be banned. These are exactly the type of fans we do not need on this forum. I know it's supposed to be "freedom of speech", but then why are wind up oppo fans booted?


They want Avram Grant back and Scholari sacked! Poor losers....change loyalties in one day!
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