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Beer we go: Chelsea lead Premier League pint rip-off

Spare a thought for Chelsea supporters. After watching their side lose 2-1 to London rivals Arsenal, it has been revealed that they head the list of Premier League supporters paying well over the odds for a pint.

The figures, announced by culture, media and sport spokesman for the Liberal Democrat party Don Foster, reveal that top flight clubs are charging their fans £1.7million-a-year too much for a pint of lager.

And for Chelsea fans already suffering a hangover from yesterday's disappointing defeat at Stamford Bridge, the news merely gets worse.

They have to pay £1.24 above the average price, being charged an expensive £4 to neck a pre-match or half-time beer.

According to a report in The Sun this morning, one of the richest clubs in the world earns around £60,000 a game from thirsty fans, amounting to a hefty £1.14 million.

It is thought that Chelsea pocket around £350,000 of that just from their inflated prices - almost enough to pay midfield star Frank Lampard a fortnight's wages.

'When will Premier League football clubs learn to stop taking their loyalty for granted?' asked Foster, after uncovering the figures.

'As if extortionate ticket prices weren't bad enough, top flight football clubs are charging over the odds for a pint,' he said.

Of the 20 Premier League clubs, a staggering 19 are demanding more than the average price of ale in Britain - £2.76.

'This blatant profiteering should not continue to go unnoticed,' Foster added.

'It's outrageous that football fans should be charged so much more than rugby fans.'

The average price of a Premier League pint is £3.19 with Arsenal, mega-rich Manchester City, West Ham and Fulham all charging their supporters £3.50.

It is estimated that £11.1million a year is generated by clubs from selling lager at games and, of that, £1.7million comes from over-charging supporters.

But it's not all doom and gloom. At £2.70, Wigan charge their fans the lowest price making the JJB Stadium 'probably the best local in the world'.


Chelsea - £4
Arsenal - £3.50
Manchester City - £.3.50
West Ham - £.3.50
Fulham - £.3.50
Tottenham Hotspur - £.3.30
Sunderland - £.3.20
West Bromwich - £.3.20
Newcastle - £.3.20
Aston Villa - £.3.20
Everton - £.3.20
Manchester United - £.3.00
Liverpool - £.3.00
Stoke - £.3.00
Hull - £.3.00
Blackburn - £.3.00
Portsmouth - £.3.00
Bolton - £.2.90
Middlesbrough - £.2.80
Wigan - - £.2.70
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