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Just putting up the latest rumours that have at least a semblance of credibility about them.

I was one of the Rijkaard to Chelsea conspiracy theorists however the unexpected depature, why?, of Ten Cate speaks volumes.

It sort of seems like firing Ten Cate was a subtle hint that Rijkaard wasn't welcome, which makes no sense as he is one of the very few attacking coaches.

In light of this rumors are around that Abrahmovich sees Ancelotti & Zola as the ideal team for Chelsea. Although it is a tribal football link. :p

After all Zola is both a Chelsea legend and Italian which would help Ancelotti settle. I'm not ashamed to admit Zola's one of the only Chelsea players I liked.

Much more likelly is this rumored on again off again Ibra Eto'o swap deal (Link). With Mourinho looking likely to suceed Mancini he's had words with Moratti.

Wow. So many m's. Anyhow Mourinho is believed to have told Moratti that's Ibra is a big game failure. With Ibra keen to try other leagues...

Anyhow I believe a swap with Eto'o would be more beneficial for Inter. When you look at the statistics, well I'll post up a comment I made on

Ibra for Juve 23 goals (70 Apps) & for Inter 32 goals (53 Apps). Very respectable although admittedly at least a third of his goals at Inter have been penalties.

Now consider Eto'o at Mallorca 54 goals (132 Apps) & at Barcelona 77 Goals (108 Apps). Ibra's goal ratio in Serie A is 55 Goals/123 Apps = 0.45 Goals per game.

Pretty decent connsidering Serie A defences. Eto'os goal ratio is 131 Goals/240 Apps = 0.55 Goals per game.

Now Serie A is harder to score in BUT Eto'o has clearly played twice as many top flight games despite being only a year older

and has still maintained a better goal average. Statistically speaking Eto'o is the superior striker in terms of goals scored and experience.
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