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Drogba is most likely leaving. I can't see SWP, Malouda or Cudicini leaving. Cudicini? He is very loyal to Chelsea.

I think this is very exagerated. Ben Haim may go, he was moaning this week about lack of games and Jose being sacked.

Also why has Belletti managed to get onto that list.

If anyone was a cert to leave chelsea i'd put money on there LB Ferari (no idea how to spell his name but i'm sure u all know who i mean). He barely plays no adays.

Chelsea shipping players off so easily lack constitancy and we all know you need that to win titles!

joviadca said:
Always thought there would be major changes this summer at Chelsea
How this for summer deals
Can never see it happen but
Anyone for Lampard as replacement for ageing Scholes
and Drogba as our out an out striker
I promise you, no proper Manchester United fan wants Lampard at OT!
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