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They've got the widest pitch in the land
They've got 54 players and they're no ****ing good
They've got Curly Watts as a celebrity fan
They play at Gresty Road and Edgerly Park
They go to Wrexham and Cardiff on Euro-aways
They had the future England Captain, but his cruciate went
They won the Shamrock Trophy in 92
They've got 3 stars on their new club badge
They've got exec boxes with a balcony
They've had seventeen managers in twenty years
They take 25,000 to every away
You can see Old Trafford from the Kippax Stand
They've got the best goalie the world has ever seen
They were the second-best team in Division Two
They have a civic reception when they've won **** all
They had a continental Laser Blue Kappa Kit
They're going to turn Manchester into Milan
They signed Spencer Prior on deadline day
They've got the Gallagher brothers in the Guvernors
They took a quarter of a million to Ewood Park
They've got 3007 in a temporary stand
They've got the tallest corner flags in the world
They invade their pitch when they win 3 points
They do a lap of honour when they win the toss
They won the Shamrock Trophy in '92
They had Ryan Giggs on schoolboy forms
They've got a farmyard animal and they play him up front
They've got three million fans in Manchester
It's been 31 years ( change to 32 in Feb)and they've won **** all
They've got a dirty old slapper with a rusty bell
They'll stay up for 3 seasons - autumn, winter and spring
They empty Stockport when they play at home
They've got four different stands from a Meccano kit
They're the only team that come from Manchester
All their fans live 10 minutes from The Council House
They've got the biggest bananas in the land
They've got a centre forward with grooves in his head
Their managers got a papier mache head
They'll be relegated by bonfire night
They've got salt and pepper on their hot dog stands
They've got the greenest grass in the whole of the world
They hounded Swales' mam into an early grave
They've had a gypsy curse on their massive pitch
Their best player ever played for Ajax reserves
They had a derby match with Macclesfield
They had Colin Bell who was better than Best(!)
They've been relegated ten times
They had a chairman and a manager that wore a wig
They bought Steve Daly for a million quid
They tried to sign Geoff Thomas and he turned 'em down
They've got Bernard Manning as their fattest fan
They used to be little, but now they're large
They sing racist chants, coz they've got no class
So Manchester City kiss my ass !!

Coz..City are a Massive club!

If you come from Manchester you're sure to be a blue...


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Classic song, do you remember when they were moaning that the council house was going to be too small for em and demanded a bigger stadium? How many more can turn up as blue seats???? :D :D

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Their greatest ever player, played in the Ajax reserves.
Cause City are a MASSIVE club!

(who's that referencing btw?)

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Tevez did play his part for us and I thank him ,but this season theres gonna be quite a bit of grass stains on his nice lightblue shorts when those that are UNITED arent just practicing with him. thanx carlos for the great effort! but wrong color for me.bye!!

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They have two ex-Hamburger players,but Hamburger beat them without Kompany and De Jong.
They have a multy milion project,but Kaka had choiced some club with history.
They still have a Bellamy instead of Kaka and they have Tevez instead of Berbatov .
They have player with a small daughter . His daughter learns English and hopefully will translate the content of the all important sms's and articles regarding his father.
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