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I suggested a 'one minute applause' months ago....

City fans beg United to call off silent tribute for Munich crash

Manchester City's official supporters' club has written to Manchester United urging
them to abandon plans for a minute's silence to commemorate the 50th
anniversary of the Munich air disaster at next month's derby.

The appeal comes after chants of "We're all going to the golden jubilee", sung to
the tune of Yellow Submarine, were heard at a recent match, confirming City's
worst fears, that some supporters may disrupt the tributes to the 23 people,
including eight members of Matt Busby's team, who were killed on February 6

United play City on February 10 and, partly at the suggestion of one of the
survivors, Sir Bobby Charlton, the club have opted to hold a minute's silence
rather than a minute's applause. That has led to Kevin Parker, the general
secretary of City's supporters' club, writing to express concern that "some
supporters will show a complete lack of respect".

The letter says: "We plead with Manchester United to change from the proposed
minute's silence to a minute's applause to allow all true football fans a chance to
show their respects. In this way any idiots who do not share these views will be
drowned out rather than highlighted. We think it is obvious that if there is a
minute's silence some fool will interrupt it and this will reflect very badly not only
on Manchester City but on Manchester and football supporters in general."

The supporters' club has copied the letter to the Premier League in the hope that
it will put pressure on United. "We have to accept that, while there is some
friendly rivalry between the two sets of supports, there is also a great deal of
hatred and there will be some City fans who do not want to go along with any
recognition of the disaster," Parker said last night.

City's official stance is that they will go along with whatever United want, but
privately they are alarmed and have written to the 3,000 who have tickets
asking them to "uphold our good name". The letter, signed by the manager,
Sven-Goran Eriksson, and the captain, Richard Dunne, points out that Frank
Swift, a former City goalkeeper, was among the Munich dead in his work for the
News of the World.

Ciddy fans can do one.....right up their own arses. This is UNITEDS way, NOT theirs. The City of Manchester WILL remember in the correct and proper way.

If the bitters cannot be quiet for one minute in respect of so many who gave their lives for a game they loved, including Frank Swift, they will show the whole world for the bitter blue SCUM that they are.

If SCUM want to spoil, disrespect, and defile what is going to be probably the most emotionable day in the city of Manchesters history, since the events of 6th Feb 1958, let them become the most hated team/fans in the world.

And if it happens ? ....Watch the repercussions. :eek:

Fook Shitty.....MANCHESTER IS RED !!!

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A minutes silence is much more appropriate for a tragedy of this nature.

On 6th Feb I'm planning to just spend a moment in quiet reflection on the lives that were lost. I feel it is fitting for them to do the same at the Manchester derby.

If some City fans want to spoil it then I am sure they will be dealt with accordingly...

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a minutes silence is better than than a minutes applause , its more fitting .
its nothing new these city t#ats breaking a minutes silence along with the leeds scum and scousers.
no matter what anyone says about our fans we tend to honour the silence more than most.
i hope the police let the city fans out at the same time as us , if they have abused the silence then they will learn some respect

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Red Devil said:
I hate 1 mins applause - its banal and not the right way to do
it. 1 mnis silence and I would add, for the benefit of Citeh fans, one of your
own "legends" died in the crash.
You shouldn't say it's banal (stop using
these words, lol...takes me long time to look up the meaning)....

In my country we ALWAYS applaud - if you see a funeral procession we stop and
applaud in the street - at funerals we do it and in the church !!

France do it - and about half of Europe I would guess.

I only voiced this opinion here because it was done for George Best and it created
a happy atmosphere as they all applauded the life and achievements of someone
as GREAT as George !!

Applauding is a mark of respect - and it would drown out any assholes too.

A minutes silenece creates a sad atmosphere.....

I dont want to be sad - even though I know I will cry anyway.

And for me when the City game is played - and we watch the memorial services
etc etc I am going to be happy and and cheerful we had the honour to have
these guys play for us a long time ago.....

A difference in cultures here......

Maybe people dont understand but no problem - the silence goes ahead now so
we have no need to discuss this.

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i cases like this....rivalry between clubs should pe put aside..and be human for a couple of minutes....this is not only about firstly about people who died....and we should moan fan or not...:(...not boo some idiots from Man City group will probably do

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Wazza1989 said:
i cases like this....rivalry between clubs should pe put aside..and be human for a couple of minutes....this is not only about football
if only life was so simple but unfortunatly i dont think the local rivalry between teams such as the reds and the council team or the scouse shite and.... well.... the scouse shite or that of spurs and the arse and all the others all over the globe will never be put aside for anything and the fact that one of their own was lost wont mean a thing to shitty coz they think mourning means "before dinner"

on the 10th when (and they will) the w*nkers (and i know its not all of them) who spoil the mark of respect do what ever it is they have planned, just stand tall, hold your head up high and dont become part of the disruption our boys will do the talking on the pitch and at the end of the day they will be the ones humilliated on the front AND back page of every national paper, showing the whole country what a complete set of t*ssers they are, and if the FA have any balls the individual tw*ts will be punished rather than the club getting a fine coz we all know that dont do nothing to stop arseholes, i say they should either get a ban or keep it simple, shoot the f*ckers

manchester is red, let the the scumbags know it

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Why do City feel like they need to do all this? First Sven and the Chief Exec write to the supporters clubs, then they want the silence changed to an applause, even though an applause would be absolutely mad.

Do they know they're supporters can't be trusted?

Mind you, since the minutes silence for George Best at the Man City vs Liverpool game a couple of years ago had to be postponed due to Munich chants, I'm not really surprised.

I thought City said it was only a small minority of supporters? That day it certainly wasn't.
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