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Man Of The Match vs Aalborg

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The Danish Champions are set for a showdown with the holders and English

The sides have never played before so both will be in for new rivalries.

The Champions will be without Foster, Carrick and Possebon for the tie
United are looking for their first goal of the campaign

Aalborg earned a credible draw at Celtic Park after Celtic were unable to beat
They are the Danish Champions with a total of 71 points last season.
They last featured in the Group stage in the 1995-96 season

Current state of play in Group E

Group E...............Pld.......Pts
Man. United..........1......... 1


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Rafeal Fabio Evans Anderson Rooney Manucho should all start imo
you know these guys drew away to celtic right? have you seen celtics home record?

I hope Manchester United choose a really strong XI we can never underestimate teams like we hae done a couple of times before.
exactly, i think maybe give 1 or 2 young guns a go but make sure the rest is the usuals.

I'd go with:

Rafael Ferdinand Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Hargreaves Anderson Nani
Rooney Berbatov

Bench: Tevez, Park, Giggs, Scholes, Evans, Brown, Kuszcsak/whichever keeper isnt injured.

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0-3 to United

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My team:





Subs: VDS, Rafael, O'Shea, Anderson, Park, Ronaldo, Berbatov

Ronaldo should have a final rest before going 'all out' and playing 90 mins for us every week while Berbatov and Anderson should play vs Blackburn.

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We need three points from this one so i think a strong starting 11 is needed







Subs: Amos, Evans, O'Shea, Tevez, Ando, Ronaldo, Da Silva
3-0 Giggs, Berbatov, Rooney

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christianoharleiro said:

give me 1 valid reason why Evans should start ahead of Ferdinand or Vidic then?

Evans being irish doesn't count.

:rolleyes: bias annoys me
its not a biased view.
one valid reason- the lad has played recently and done well, equally if possebon was fit i would like to have seen him get a few minutes.

i just dont want to see a weakened side, we have been shaky enough this season,
i would rather not take a risk on this game.

as for the irish thing your talking out your arse..

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we need to play a strong team, its no time to be blooding youngsters, its points we need.
although evans should play, hes done well recently.
i just dont want to see a weakened side, we have been shaky enough this season, i would rather not take a risk on this game.


so you dont want to blood youngsters, but Evans "should" start ahead of Ferdinand or Vidic, but don't want to see a weakened side. "I would rather not take a risk on this game" so Ferdinand/Vidic are more of a risk than Evans ya?

so basically youre saying that Evans is better than Ferdinand or Vidic. :rolleyes:

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Like i said in an earlier post,Manucho should be given half hour in this game as a taster of pressure,Berba should DEFINATLEY starrt and Rooney should be super sub again!! I dont think Fergie will be TOO casual with selection afterall they came away from Celtic with a point!
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