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Man Of The Match vs Aalborg

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VDS - 6 Kept putting defence in peril with **** distribution... Caught some ! Yay!

Rafael - 9 - Exciting talent.great stuff going forward, looks a bit over eager defending

Ferdinand - 8 - Went forward quite a few times ! great defending also

Vidic - 7 - Sloppy at times, otherwise did well.

Evra - 8 - One or two times he was in the wrong position, gave us that extra option going forward plenty of times though. Invaluable.

Ronaldo - 8 - Still finding a bit of form, but easily our most penetrative player.

O'Shea - 7 - Tidy, a few nice long balls and he did exactly what he needed to do.

Scholes - 6 - Didn't get into the game much before the injury. Awful news.

Nani - 4 - No Comment

Berbatov - 7 - One great ball and two good finishes, but a very poor performance in the first half.Needs to improve

Rooney - 8 - Great run for the goal, got involved well throughout. Hard luck about the injuries.


Giggs - 8 - Great display, a very good option as a centre mid.Nice pass for the first goal

Brown - 6 - What has happened to him? Very unlike him to let one bad performance get to him the way it has.

Tevez - 7 - A bit wasteful at times but he nearly scored one and nearly created another for Ronaldo. Super sub.:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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