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Man Of The Match vs Aalborg

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Tevez, as soon as he came on, moved the whole game up a gear. Impressive. Nothing wrong with his "goal" either but can see that referee thought it had gone in off the upper arm when in fact I think it was the back.

Rafael, gaining in experience daily, not short of confidence at all and has the skill to take on any Premiership player and do well. Tackle he got booked for was completely needless and "Scholes" like. He will learn but what an impression he had made already, hope his brother does as well.

Scholes. This lad has no luck at all. Just coming back into some major form and this happens.

Great to see Rooney on the scoresheet again. He put himself about and worked hard throughout until subbed. took his goal with the usual Rooney accuracy.

Van der Sar, looked more confident tonight than in recent games, maybe it was just a blip. He did what we come to expect - keep a clean shhet. You cannot ask for more.

Evra. Another superb performance. Getting better every day. Wonders how long it will be before Real come knocking on his door.

Rio/Vidic partnership. What can we say about these two that has not already been said. Vidic brave and fearless, Rio classy and thoughful.

Ronaldo. Still not 100%, will take another month to be back at 100%. Maybe we expect too much from a player who was closed guarded in this game.

O'Shea. Between him and Fletcher over who the fans seem to dislike the most but always dependable, always gives 100% and played solidly enough tonight, never let his concentration waver.

Nani. not one of his more "memorable" games. Needs to become more of a team player.

Berbatov. didn't see all that much of him off ball to be honest. I was watching in a pub playing league darts. But his reaction for his second goal was excellent, instant decision less than a half second to think about it, deflected fross from Ronaldo, turn, twist, bang!! 3-0! Class predator goals against a resolute defence.

Talk above of Aarlborg being a "minor team" was unjust in my opinion; they are champions in their own country and were fully deserving to grace the same field as our own heroes. Where they lacked in skill they made up for in determination. If that had been a United performance against a "major" team, we would have been praising our players today. Aarlborg need not feel too disappointed in their defeat.

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abo said:
do anybody know why there is Bk at the end of the team name

why not Aalborg mac or Aalborg kfc :confused:

The full name for them is, "Aalborg Boldspilklub" which translates to...

...Aalborg ballgameclub Ball - Game - Club

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VDS - 6 Kept putting defence in peril with **** distribution... Caught some ! Yay!

Rafael - 9 - Exciting talent.great stuff going forward, looks a bit over eager defending

Ferdinand - 8 - Went forward quite a few times ! great defending also

Vidic - 7 - Sloppy at times, otherwise did well.

Evra - 8 - One or two times he was in the wrong position, gave us that extra option going forward plenty of times though. Invaluable.

Ronaldo - 8 - Still finding a bit of form, but easily our most penetrative player.

O'Shea - 7 - Tidy, a few nice long balls and he did exactly what he needed to do.

Scholes - 6 - Didn't get into the game much before the injury. Awful news.

Nani - 4 - No Comment

Berbatov - 7 - One great ball and two good finishes, but a very poor performance in the first half.Needs to improve

Rooney - 8 - Great run for the goal, got involved well throughout. Hard luck about the injuries.


Giggs - 8 - Great display, a very good option as a centre mid.Nice pass for the first goal

Brown - 6 - What has happened to him? Very unlike him to let one bad performance get to him the way it has.

Tevez - 7 - A bit wasteful at times but he nearly scored one and nearly created another for Ronaldo. Super sub.:)

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Lucky7 said:

0-3 to United
Good Prediction 3 - 0

but none of them scored lol
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