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I agree, managers need more time than they are currently given.

It's ironic that there was a quote from David Moyes in the article, as I was going to use him as an example. A couple of season ago, Everton were struggling at the bottom of the table and some of the fans seemed to want a new man in charge. However, the board stuck with him, they finished 11th that season and look at them now.

Obviously, as red dave says, if he loses the dressing room then I think they should go.

However, in terms of going down there are two ways to look at it. If they are going down without a fight, then I would say they have to go. But I think clubs who sack managers when they are in a relegation battle, when they are still fighting then that is the wrong choice.

And even if they go down, they should think before acting. Reading could easily have sacked Steve Coppell. But they didn't, and rightly so, and they are challenging at the top looking as though they are returning to the Premiership.
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