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I beg to differ a bit on this matter.

Now that Chelsea has beaten Newcastle, I do think the pressure is on us instead. We now have to secure nothing short of a victory at Wigan, the ever-improving team of late and one of the few teams that actually left Stamford Bridge unscathed, whilst Chelsea enjoy a relatively much easier tie at home against a lowly Bolton.

Although I believe we are more than capable of securing the needed victory over Wigan on paper, I can't help looking back at some of the games which we could have done much better with a more positive approach or ambition, and we will not be in this tight situation in the very first place. 5 points in the lead with just 4 games to go and we threw it all away....

But right, we can't afford to whine or lament now but to bite the bullet and win the 2 'finals' by hook or by crook, somehow or rather, by luck or by grit..

And just before you hurl rotten eggs at me, I am proud to announce that I am actually quietly confident of clinching both the Titles!! Why, 'moaner', you may ask... Because we have no more option/excuse/leeway/buffer left but to play to our strength, to attack and win both the 'finals'.

And that is precisely the comfort and confidence the 'moaners' have been 'moaning' about and clamouring for.

And to employ RFR's spiritual approach, WE ARE THE DOUBLE CHAMPIONS OF 2008 come 21st May.
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