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Come Back Giusseppe ... ?

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Fergie isn't often guilty of making mistakes when it comes to moving players on at
Old Trafford. It's a reputation he has built with the offloading of Beckham,
Stam, RVN, Hughes, etc etc.

However, in more recent times not all of his decisions have proved watertight
with players like Stam, Van Nistelrooy and Beckham all continuing to play at a
high level after leaving the club. And now we could add former forward Giuseppe
Rossi to the list.

The short arse striker was eventually sold to Spain's Villareal at the start of the
season, despite a lack of strikers at the club that hasn't really been addressed
since. Rossi has excelled in Spain and for the Italy Under-21 team scoring
numerous goals and rumours from Serie A suggest that Inter Milan are prepared
to offer £14m for his services – while we're supposedly trying to offload Louis
Saha to some poor unfortunate club/victim, lol ... :p

As understand it, the deal that took Rossi to Villareal included a first option of
buying him back – should Fergie admit a mistake and bring back the club's own
version of Gianfranco Zola ... :confused:

Rossi has admitted that he found it difficult to break into the United squad during
his three seasons at the club. Saying it is difficult to play in such a big team as
Manchester United.

We had great strikers such as Louis Saha, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Wayne Rooney
and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, so yes he had a hard time to break through.

But, with only Wayne Rooney from that list guaranteed to still be at the club next
season, there now seems an opening should Fergie decide to bring Rossi back –
although the player has distanced himself from a return.

Our only reservation is that along with front men like Rooney and Tevez we don't
need another striker who is small in stature, which is probably the reason we
recently invested in a target man like Manucho – although there are still doubts
about whether he is ready for a full season in the Premier League.

With Saha expected to leave, we'll certainly be in the market for a new striker
come the summer – but should we give Giuseppe Rossi a second chance ?

Discuss ...
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I agree with eoininho, it was not a mistake as SAF wanted Rossi to stay but apparently the lad didn't think he'd get enough first team football. That was why he was reluctantly sold and a first option clause put in his contract with Villareal. I think if he have known that Ole would have to retire, Smith would leave and Rooney would be out with injuries, Ferguson would have convinced Rossi to stay with United this season.

Like Carley says though, we've got our fair share of short-arses at United at the mo, so I don't think we'll see him back at OT anytime soon.
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