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Come On Over To My Place

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I made a blog about United.

I say it's mine but in the long
run it will be used in conjunction
with this place.

I could use a bit of help too.

If you could go visit it.

Maybe add comments to some of the stuff there.

I would appreciate some ideas too.

Stuff to add.

Stuff you think is wrong too ...

I'd rather have negative feedback as well.

I'll explain in detail some of my plans later on.

But feel free to take a look

And pile those ideas in !!!

Thankyou ...

Click the banner ... ;)

Oh ... And if any of you have a Myspace
Facebook/Bebo etc etc can you add the
banner to your page too please.

I can do the same for you on the blog
of course if you want.

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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