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I shall be brief here since there is nothing much to add to an excellent article. While we are able to argue away that the ultra competitiveness and sore-loser mentality of Rooney and Keano make them the players they are, the same, unfortunately, can't be said of petulance making Ronaldo the player he is. For the records and on the contrary, It does NOT. For it is not a positive but negative energy that is most unlikely to advance his game. I concur with the exemplary response and example set by George Best, something Ronaldo can learn from to re-channel his energy, talents and whatever misgivings due to a perceived lack of genuine protection from the referee to. Simply put, "focus on football". Then I am sure he will be more respected and loved by genuine football fans alike. Btw again, a well-thought, organised and thus hard-to-fault monster article, RFR. Kudos to you.

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