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As Andrew said in the first reply 'the timing of this is ridiculous' but thats the only part I agree with. His form has been on the wane in recent weeks but so has the whole teams to be fair. Since Japan in December, Berba has made vital contributions to many many games. So far this season he has scored 13 goals and got 9 assists. Not bad at all for a new player in the squad. It was always going to take time for him to adjust to how the team plays. Id give him a 7/10 so far in his United career. As for the Cantona comparisons, I can see why they are thrown about. The man Berba has undoubted genius but maybe the comparisons are just a bit premature. He is his own man finding his way in a great United team. Berbatov will hit over 20 goals this season and near enough the same in assists, and if United win lots of trophies and he scores in teh CL final, then I think we will all say he was a fantastic signing.

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