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i used to like Tevez alot ... but i am more passionate about Man United team ... and recently i dont like what tevez is talking about in news ( fans should accept me in rival clubs ) i mean yeah its up to him we dont really care where he go ! it looks like he is threatening the man u fans when he say something like that .... well any ways now i believe Tevez should go and we should get someone instead who can actually score ! we picked tevez over torres and that was a mistake i mean if we look at torres he made a fantastic job with liverpool i really wish if he came to man united any ways just like Beckham left to real madrid and we managed our selfs under the highly experienced god of football sir alex ferguson ... we will manage our selfs again ! we are man united and we are in full trust of ferguson to the replacement so none of what u people say is important. no disrespect, what matters is fergie's experience ! we do love tevez he did wear the red devils shirt ! but we love ferguson more ! therefore if ferguson wanted him to leave then i want him to leave 2 ! Moe From Beirut

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