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I think when sir Alex retires, it will be good if they can give Jose a chance to manage manchester united because he's a young, well talented to do it and from his statement I think he will be ready to leave Inter for united. Not just coming but to do a great job, bringing more honour to the club continueing from where sir Alex will stop, and to me I see him next to none who can succeed sir Alex because if we get back to his stay at chelsea for just three years if am not mistaking, he did wonderfully there, so let us give him a chance to do the same at old trafford, because with the team sir Alex is bringing up now believe it he can do more than that here. Take this, just like any other fan I will be the happiest to see him do the job. So keep supporting united, for GLORY GLORY we shall pass through at old trafford. Then lets support him to take us to more GLORY,forgive him from punching,one united and LONG LIVE UNITED

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