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This is by far the best article I've read on this site yet. You made points that we all knew, to some extent, but never really voiced or thought about.Silvestre to Arsenal, Ronaldinho to Milan, Shevchenko to Chelsea. None of them had any obligation to stay at one club for their whole careers. Yet the fans raged. They booed. As if they owned the players. Sure to an extent the player owe the fans. However players are people, not pieces of equipment owned by the fans. Contracts don't mean that the fans own the players. Footballing decisions shouldn't be made with legal documents in mind. They should be made with the best interests of the club & the player in mind.I've said my share of things about Ronaldo, derogatory & complimentary, on this forum. However If he choose to leave he's free to do so and I will still respect him & his achievements for this club. There are things to dislike about Ronaldo but there's also plenty to love about him. He may seem like a show pony but he's a professional first. Just like Becks in a way.

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