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Both very good points.

The players didn't show up and as they did against Newcastle and to a certain extent Pompey, sort of expected to win the game without having to put in too much effort.

I hope Fergie has an open and frank discussion with them about wht they want to achieve.

On Cristiano, it is a cancer that is starting to spread in world football: players who are so talented that even great managers will let them get away with usually unacceptable behaviour, because they are so gifted and can turn a game.

I can only hope Nani starts playing like I hope he can, so he can be useful to us for awhile before he starts crying for a move to Madrid or where ever it is he may want to go to. This would allow us to off-load Cristiano for a nice fee and maybe buy some bright British talent like Ashley Young, who won't mind the weather and playing for Man Utd.
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