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While there maybe some minimal validity to the questions over the strategy and substitutions used during yesterday's debacle, it is ridiculous to believe that SAF simply 'lost it' over the summer break.

I have felt uneasy watching United from our first preseason game. From VDS to Rooney they have looked indifferent, sloppy and uneasy, resulting in countless uncharacteristic mistakes and a lack of effort that I have never witnessed from a United team.

Unfortunately, I believe the problems run fairly deep and cannot be overcome with a change in strategy or player selection.


Following up on last season's extraordinary achievements was always going to be difficult. It is looking increasingly like the team is expecting to win just by showing up. With the competition level now present in the premiership (not to mention the CL), that is just not going to happen. If United are to turn this campaign around they need to get back to the basics - simple, smart football. More importantly, they need to start working a lot harder.


If there is one fault I will attribute to SAF, it is his somewhat understandable efforts to keep christiano ronaldo at United.

When your best player (perhaps) declares that he would prefer to be somewhere else, it is very unsettling to his teammates - especially following one of the teams best seasons ever. The turmoil created by this CANNOT be underestimated.

Players generally react to this type of situation in one of two ways: they will either be angry at cr for his obvious lack of loyalty and respect for the club OR they will start to exaggerate the players importance and begin to question whether they can have any success without him. Because cr is injured right now, I think we are witnessing these reactions, both of which are VERY counterproductive.

This season has presented SAF with these two challenges that, combined, are perhaps the greatest in his illustrious career. How he deals with them may signal United's future direction.

Yes, I think it is THAT serious.
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