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Condolences - Frank Lampard

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Very sorry to hear that your mother has died, Frank Lampard. My sincere condolences to you and yours.
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My condolences to Frank Lampard too. A very sad time for his family.
Condolences to Frank & His entire Family. May she R.I.P
RIP to Lampard's mom...:(it's something that moraly destroys a person:(...too bad...too bad:(
R.I.P. Mrs Lampard. My condolences to her family. :(
i cant imagine how he feels.Condolences to the Lampard family
Oh God love him ... :(

I can't imagine how he feels right now ...

I send my love and hope he has the strength
to get through this ... Dumnezeum dragoste pe el
one of biggest blows in anyones life the death of a parent . rip
haggler said:
one of biggest blows in anyones life the death of a parent . rip
The only bigger blow must be to lose your child or your better half.

Times like this, the colour of your shirt doesnt matter. The sorrow is mutual. But without knowing Franks mum I guess the best thing he can do to honour his mother is to go out there and do his best on the pitch.

R.I.P Ms Lampard
As much as I'm sure we dislike him on the field it puts it all in perspective doesn't it.

Grieving rules Lampard out

April 24 2008

Frank Lampard will miss the title clash between Chelsea and Manchester United
after the death of his mother.

Pat Lampard, 58, had been admitted to hospital 10 days ago with pneumonia.

England international Lampard, 29, had missed the recent Premier League games
against Wigan and Everton, but resumed training ahead of the UEFA Champions
League tie on Tuesday after his mother had showed signs of positive
improvement - only for her condition to deteriorate.

A spokesman for the Chelsea player confirmed to the Press Association on
Thursday afternoon Mrs Lampard had passed away.

A statement read: "It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Pat
Lampard passed way this afternoon.

"Frank would like to acknowledge and say thank you for the compassion shown
to him by the manager Avram Grant and all the staff at Chelsea Football Club
during what has been a terribly traumatic period for him and his family.

"Frank and his family would also like to thank all the people who have been
inundating them with wishes of support."

Lampard is now understandably a major doubt for Saturday's potential title
decider against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

It is also uncertain whether the midfielder will feature in the second leg of the
UEFA Champions League clash next week, which is delicately poised at 1-1.
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I didn't realise she was in that bad shape. When they talked about Lampard visiting his mother in hospital it sounded like she would recover. That's very sad.
Poor wonder he wasn't playing well vs Liverpoo...May she RIP and my condolences go to the Lampard family
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