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EssexYid said:
Well done to Manchester United and it's legions of fans, on yet another well deserved Premier League title success, I was at WHL today and the Spurs fans went mad as the score Wigan 0 Manchester United 1 flashed up on our giant screens, the reaction was just the same as news of a second goal for Manchester United was shown to us.

The funniest part of the day was when the scousers were fed dud information that Emile Heskey had scored for Wigan, the Liverpool fans went absolutely mad with joy, and were singing his name for ages, but were then stunned into silence as the real score was displayed on our screens.

I know that most of you lot will hate him, but I must say fair play to Stevie Gerrard today, in the first half he went to take a corner at the Paxton/Shelf side of the ground and he was roundly applauded by the Spurs fans as he ran over to take it, after the game Spurs did their end of season lap of honour, and suddenly Stevie Gerrard was right in the middle of the Spurs crowd where he was earlier applauded, signing autographs and having his picture taken etc with the Spurs fans.

I must admit, I thought it was a great gesture from him to do that he made a lot of youngsters happy, he obviously appreciated the reaction he got from the Spurs fans earlier on in the game, if only more players were like that these days, I was outside with my Two boys after the game, and many of the Spurs players wouldn't sign even One autograph, they just shot straight off surrounded by security to their cars etc.

Well done once again, and I hope you go on to clinch the Champions League in Moscow, and complete a fantastic double. :)
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