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As a Newcastle united fan I would like to thank all your away supporters for their response to the announcement yesterday, that there was a statue dedicated to Bobby Robson, you did yourselves proud. So did your team but I am trying to forget about that.
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always good to hear good news about our support.

sir bobby is a national treasure by the way
Agreed, Sir Bobby is loved in the game, if your English, Irish or from anywhere.
A true gent and a legend in his own right. He deserves this tribute.
Many thanks for the post. You need a new team mate, what you have isn't good enough.
1 word legend and i think when bobby does go he will be known as mr football
Nice to hear somebody pointing out the good side of football instead of the bad, thanks for posting mate.
Great man and a fantastic character. I had the honour of meetng Sir Bobby and
he is a really down to earth guy. He gave the Irish assistant manager role a lash
and unfortunatly events meant he had to give up his post although, I'm sure all
Irish will be filled with respect for him.
Legend. love his passion for the game miss him in management
Imo, Sir Bobby Robson was the 2nd greatest international manager this country has ever had (after Sir Alf Ramsey). He was a credit to Newcastle when he was your manager and there are not many people who are more knowledgable and respected in the game.
Everyone loves Sir fact all Sir Bobby's are legends :)

Welcome mate
one of the best managers of our time, knows his football glad they have a tributue to him he deserves it, thanks for posting
sorry about saturday by the way :p
I know a story, a true story, about a certain striker who was at Newcastle and Sir Bobby - a striker who had him ( Sir B) hounded out because said manager dropped said striker. The striker in question is most definitely NOT a nice person.
Wouldn't be Mary Poppins would it?
-zuco- said:
Wouldn't be Mary Poppins would it?

gotta say red thats one hell of a teaser :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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