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Anybody else think they should hold a tournament every four years (in the years when there are no world cup or or european championships) with either, the best players of each continent, based on nationality (e.g Europe, South America, Asia etc) or the best players domesticly from each country (e.g English league Vs Spanish league).

It would be such a spectacle.

What would your teams be for A. The European team, B. The South American Team, C. The Premiership Team, and D. The La Liga team?

I would go for:

A. Europe.



------------------De Rossi


B. South America.





C. The English League





D. The Spanish League





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In odd numbered years there's the Copa America, African Cup
of Nations and various u-21 and u-17 tournaments.

Some kind of Amsterdam tournament, maybe joint-organised by
continental governing bodies with 4 or 8 teams held in Asia could
be a good idea and quite lucrative. A one/one-and-a-half week
thing could be a good idea but nothing more. These Europe XI
things rarely work and would have little authority/sense.

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I could never see it working to be honest.

I just wouln't see the point in it and it would be very difficult to get all the top players to play in it.

If there was something like a Europe 11 vs Rest of the World game for Charity, that's a different story altogether.

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Gomez in goal?

Thats got to be a joke surely?

Cesar is probably the best keeper in the world right now.

Maicon should be in there aswell. He's the best RB in the world.
Lol it was late and I couldn't think of any South American 'keepers! Maicon and Alves are on a similar level really but I just love what Alves brings to the attacks.
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