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With the recent cases at west ham and newcastle is the most important thing you can have at your club a manager with total control ?

Could any of us have seen fergie allowing players he viewed as vital to our club be sold without his say so ?

The great managers in our game have control .

Fergie knows what goes on from the ladies in the canteen to the people doing the kit to the youth coaches .

Nothing happens at our club without the boss knowing about it .

Clough was the same .

Why do teams think there is a need for a director of football type figure ?

It seems too many chiefs at most outfits now .

I think what will determine how city do with the zillions is down to how much control hughes is able to retain .

And how many managers will have the backbone to walk away from a multi- million pound a year number because the board are picking the team for them ?

Fair play to curbishley for doing so but i doubt many will follow his lead .

This is one thing i have to pat the glazers on the back for -- they have not meddled with on field matters .

They also havent done an ashley and sat in seats with shirt on with king fergie on back while undermining him at every turn .

Whoever takes over when fergie leaves must insist on the same level of control or the only way is down .... sermon over----- your thoughts please

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I think a club can only be succesful with the manager having full controll over the club, I think the board needs to have its part in the club mainly the economic part, because in the end of the day its the manager who knows football not the corporates at the board.
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