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Reading manager Steve Coppell insists it is time the Barclays Premier League started to "protect its own identity" by limiting the amount of foreign players in each squad.

Coppell has suggested introducing a system where each top flight side must include at least one Englishman in their matchday squad - but do you believe this would be good for the game?

lmao....after his team get a 3-1 mauling at the hands of Les Arses....he's right though...

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A number of managers and players are now backing this system.......

It's the only way England team will get better......

Gives a nice chance for young England boys to succeed.....

The Premier League is maybe best in the world.....

But it's all imported and expensive talent - very little English talent.......

I say they maybe allow 4 foreign players per TEAM !!!

So on match day they must have 7 English players to start the game !!

Maybe the standards will slip a little.....

But your national team will benefit from this :)

Take my country for example.....

Our league is 10 million years away from The Premier League - but we have ALL Romanian players........and look where our national team is !!

Number 12 in the world !!

As I said before - in this years Champions League so far - 17 Romanian players have played - but only 13 English men !!!

............and Romania has 1 team - England has 4 !!!!

England need to get this system in place very quickly - then begin to become great team again because as things are at the moment - nobody is scared of England !!

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Now let us stop there a little bit and look at some of the facts ( as I said , I like to look at things from a neutral point of view ).Take Brasil, Argentina , or France - all of their best players have been located abroad and yet they've managed to achieve some great results over the years. England on the other hand has got all of their top players located at their EPL, and have been underachiveing for years.So, reducing the number of foreign players isn't an exact rule to improve your national team.It's like saying - " OK, so we have a great youth, let us start giving them a chance... But what if you don't have such a great youth... Then you would be doing a double damage .That young players would be picked to play for the national team and how can anyone guarantee they would be a match for other countries ? What if they fail ? Then you would reduce the quality of both national team and EPL, coz foreign stars would be moving abroad where there are no such rules.
You should look up to Brasil , Argies, or France .I think that limiting a number of foreign players won't necessarily improve the England national team. What might happen, is that it could reduce the quality of the EPL. .Don't you see the difference between the 2 ( french, brasilian's etc... opposite to english )systems ? So, I don't see how it will improve the quality of the national team. England don't need to change the rules, they need to pick the right manager and give him 5 years time, they need to improve their results in youth system, and then, the results will come.
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