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Ever since releasing him to Inter
Milan and branding him a '*******
Big Time Charlie' during a television
documentary, Fergie's relationship
with former United player Paul Ince
has always been considered frosty.

So, it's a surprise to hear that the
manager is reportedly considering
Ince as an eventual replacement
should Carlos Queiroz decide to
have another crack at management
with Benfica.

According to The People, Inces's
efforts as manager of Division Two
side MK Dons have impressed Fergie
enough to consider giving him a role
at Old Trafford - either as first team
coach or as his No. 2 in place of the

That represents a massive turnaround
for a manager not known for his
sentimentality - but how would United
fans react to Paul Ince returning to the club?

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I doubt there is any truth in this story but if it were to happen I would
have no objections as long as he was fully capable for the role.
Some people forget that the great Sir Matt Busby played for both Liverpool
and Man City...

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i don't think ince will be back at utd.but i would like to remind those that don't seem to like him,that he was superb at utd and easily outshone keane when they played together.admitingley it did go to his head a little and he was sent packing but during the 93 and 94 season he was the best midfielder i have seen at the club,it all got spoilt when he left but REMEMBER how good he was for us before you condemn him ,he was one of fergies best.
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