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Hit And Run On Mobility Scooter


Woman struck by mobility scooter
Audrey Lane
Audrey Lane is recovering in hospital
A mobility scooter driver left an elderly woman with a broken leg and wrist after a hit-and-run accident.

Audrey Lane, 84, from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, was hit by the electric vehicle which drove off at less than 8mph.

Mrs Lane is being treated in hospital while CCTV footage is being used to try to trace the driver.

He could face assault charges, or even be charged with dangerous driving under the Road Traffic Act.

'Elderly lady'

Mrs Lane's son, Daniel, 59, said: "My mother was standing with her shopping in the High Street, waiting to cross the road.

"The next thing she knew, she had been hit from behind by this man on a mobility scooter. She was in the middle of the road lying on the floor and her shopping bag was thrown half-way across the street.

"She remembers the incident clearly. He told her: 'I can't stop. I'm busy', then went off."

Inspector Les Pritchard said: "The information we have is that a fairly elderly lady was waiting to cross the road outside Somerfield in Tewkesbury High Street.

"As she was waiting, she was struck by a mobility scooter which then drove away."
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this reminds me of something that happened a few years back

i was crossing a road and at the same time an elderly lady was crossing aswell about 10 yards down the road. i walked to the middle and so did she but a car was coming so we both stopped in the middle of the road.. the car passed and then i stepped out a couple of yards to cross then realized a motorbike was coming so i stepped back into the middle, the old lady was on my right and obviously the traffic was coming from the left, i must of obstructed her view when i stepped out a couple of steps and she just followed with her head down not realising i'd stepped back the next thing i knew i heard a loud bang and the lady was getting dragged down the road by the bike. the peg where you rest your feet on the bike had gone right through her leg and thats what was dragging her it was pretty gruesome

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in northampton we have a woman in her late forties who cant walk who terrorises shop staff on her buggy . i was in argos two weeks before christmas and she was making a right scene shouting at staff " cant you see me down here am i invisible " when duty manager came to see her she tried to get the lad on the till sacked . he was in tears . lucky for him however the shops have a radio link up and the manager asked round about her then chucked her out . obviously he didnt lift her buggy but you get the idea . she also rides it on the roads causing traffic chaos . imagine one of harry enfields old gits in a golf buggy and she would be the sister . she was in the chronicle for attacking a skate boarder on abington street as well a couple of years back . shes bitter and ttwisted at the fact her dancing days are over
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