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Credit When It's Due

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I feel all too often when i read this place after a poor game that everyone's so quick to rip seven shades of the brown stuff out of lot,but no-one ever seems to mention the other side of the coin.We were poor tonight but Aalborg in my eyes deserve a huge amount of credit for their Champs League campaign,they put 5 past Villar-Real,2 past us AT HOME,and yes you can argue we had a weakend side out,but all excuses aside,the boys from Aalborg did well.Im not saying we should praise everyone all the time who plays well against us,just sometimes,the opponents fair up better than we anticipated and therefore we get punished.We knew we hadn't definatley got top spot and we knew that the boys from Aalborg may NEVER play at Old trafford again and will have wanted to give their fans something to take home without getting rolled over.Now if we had took our 2 other early chances it could have been 3-0 inside ten minutes,but WE DIDNT and this gave them the chance to have a run around with the ball.Anyhow rant over,and again every credit to Aalborg.
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Berbatov08 said:
after reading the heading of this thread I thought it was going to be about the credit crunch and unpaid mortgages etc!
I Taught that to lol

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