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antdevil78 said:
biggest abuse goes to the fans who predicted 6-0 drubbing of Aalborg. We aint playing anywhere close to thrashing any team so talk of 6-0's is just disrespecting to our opposition.

who predicted 6 goals against aalborg ? your taking my comment utd will score 6 shortly and making a major twist , because i said ronaldo will have to be playing to achieve the feat and i could not see him playing against aalborg.:confused:
utd only need to play good for 90 minutes to thrash a team and over the last 3 weeks we have shown more flair in our play and after the spurs game i reckon the goals will start to flow . our biggest problem is that ronaldo is our only clinical finisher the rest are hot and cold , but i won't be suprised if utd hit 6 in the next month and i won't get carried away either because i know their capeable of it in any game.
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