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Message from Jazz 16: Sorry to those that are reading through this thread as its a bit
disjointed. Since there are so many threads on Ronaldo, some good and some not so good,
we have decided to throw most of them in here. Apologies again.
To view a different thread on Ronaldo's stats, videos and articles please click here:

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Sorry, back to you Sal.......

Strange to think that Ronaldo is only 16 games behind Cantona in the all time appearances list.

Seemed like Cantona was with United for a lifetime.

In terms of duration, there isn't a great difference either

Cantona: November '92 - May '97 - 4.5 years

Ronaldo: August '03 - December '07 - 4.4 years

I think, because Cantona was the key influence on United for the duration of his stay made it seem as if he was with United longer than he actually was.

Ronnie has only come into his own in the last 2 years.

Ronaldo has much more ability than Eric ever had but that doesn't mean he's had more impact than Eric. Cantona was made for United and vice versa. He also loved everything about United as well and I'm not sure that Ronaldo will ever feel the same way.

Ronaldo is a much much better player than Eric. No matter how good he gets I can't see him lighting up Old Trafford in the same way though. I don't think any player ever will.

Just feel blessed that both these men have played/play for us.


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I think Ronaldo has the capability to eclipse Cantona, Law, Best and Charlton....

And any other United players for that matter.....

Whether he does or not is up to him.....

But the raw talent is there......

Couple this with the best manager that ever lived too and it all looks good.

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The reason why Eric Cantona has a much greater impact on Manchester United is b'coz he played a major talismanic role in the revival of Manchester United as a footballing powerhouse and thus, he enjoys iconic status at the club. United's season had been disappointing up to Cantona's signing. We had major problems scoring goals: Brian McClair and Mark Hughes were off form, and summer signing Dion Dublin had broken his leg early in the season. However, Cantona settled into our team very quickly, not only scoring many goals but also creating huge load of chances for the other players too. Cantona galvanised the United team to greater success with the likes of Ryan Giggs and youngsters David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Phil Neville, Roy Keane and Gary Neville emerging under his major influence.
He was the final piece of Alex Ferguson's jigsaw in creating a team to end United's 26 year wait for a league title.

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red_devils4life said:
The reason why Eric Cantona has a much greater impact on Manchester United is b'coz he played a major talismanic role in the revival of Manchester United as a footballing powerhouse and thus, he enjoys iconic status at the club. United's season had been disappointing up to Cantona's signing. We had major problems scoring goals: Brian McClair and Mark Hughes were off form, and summer signing Dion Dublin had broken his leg early in the season. However, Cantona settled into our team very quickly, not only scoring many goals but also creating huge load of chances for the other players too. Cantona galvanised the United team to greater success with the likes of Ryan Giggs and youngsters David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Phil Neville, Roy Keane and Gary Neville emerging under his major influence.
He was the final piece of Alex Ferguson's jigsaw in creating a team to end United's 26 year wait for a league title.
:eek: and your only 16 and probably couldnt of said a few of those things! nice post. :)

Ronaldos amazing, he's got everything you look for in an attacking player - pace, skill, dribbling, heading, shooting, passing, two footed - you name it he's got it! This is easy to tell after his performances for us especially in the last 2 seasons! He's also got the confidence/belief in himself you need to suceed aswel as a little bit of arrogance.

One thing i love about Ronaldo is how he bounced back from the World Cup 2006 after his incident with Rooney/England. Loads of England fans (even some Man Utd fans) and the press were calling for him to leave United etc. Then the amount of booing he got every time he touched the ball you would think it would of put him off playing in England but no, he overcame all these factors and showed just how good he can be. Against all the odds, he had the season of his career by far scoring like 23 last season and setting up loads then capping it off by helping Man Utd win the Prem. Aswel as getting these awards:

PFA Players' Player of the Year: 2007
PFA Young Player of the Year: 2007
PFA Fans' Player of the Year: 2007
PFA Premiership Team of the Year: 2006-2007
Football Writers' Association Award: 2007
Portuguese Footballer of the Year: 2007
Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year: 2006-2007
Manchester United Players' Player of the Year: 2006-2007

Not bad is it? :rolleyes:

Hopefully he does better this season though, he's definatly on the way! But maybe im just being greedy lol

The only thing that worries me about Ronaldo, is i feel one day he will want to move to Spain, maye in like 6 years or something? Hopefully though by that time weve got the best outta him ;)

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Can Ronaldo Get Any Better ?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first hatrick for Manchester United yesterday as we
cruised to a 6-0 victory over Newcastle. He's now got sixteen in the league and a
total of twenty two goals in all competitions. Last season, when he collected a
clean sweep of the domestic individual awards, he scored a total of twenty three
goals. With four months of the season to go, it brings about frightening
possibilities over what Ronaldo can and will achieve.

Sir Alex Ferguson has held an annual bet with Ronaldo over how many goals he
can score. This season however Ferguson said there would be no bet unless it
was for fifty goals, something which Ronaldo did not take him up on. “We
wondered at the start of last season whether he could match last season's tally
of 23. You had to say ‘why not?' I expected him to score more this season
because he works so hard. That's why there were no bets this season, all bets
are off with Ronaldo,†Ferguson joked. “[His first hat-trick] was always coming.
He's been close on a number of occasions but today he capped a really fine
display with the hat-trick. We're all delighted for him.â€

Twenty goals in twenty four games is a pretty unbelievable statistic and certainly
proves that Ronaldo is not just a one season wonder. Whilst I can look to
Cantona and Keane as hugely influential players over the past fifteen years, I
struggle to think of a player who has been more effective for us than Ronaldo.
Ruud van Nistelrooy scored a hell of a lot of goals, his best season coming in
2002-2003 where he scored 44 goals in 50 games, 25 of those in the league.
However, he contributed little else to anyone else's game. Our tactics were
rather rigid when Ruud was in our team. They were essentially ‘give the ball to
Ruud in the box' and whilst simple, it was bloody effective for the most part, if not
a little one dimensional.

In contrast, Ronaldo brings so much to our game, and does not rely on the
service of others. He had more assists than anyone in the league last season,
and whilst this number has decreased this season, there is no doubt that he
contributes massively to our team. He is just as able at starting attacks as he is
finishing them, charging down the wings or the centre of the park, passing the
ball on to the full backs or other attackers to provide the goals. Ronaldo doesn't
need other players to set up his goals, he can make them for himself. He can
create room for other players to score by taking two defenders out of the action
with a simple run.

With all he is bringing to United at the moment, what would you like to see him
improve on? Can Ronaldo get any better?

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Firstly, he is already the best player in england, if not europe currently. If there is anything to pick to make him perfect, i got to say is the decision making, his ability to find his teammates who are in better position than he is, although he is improving in this area. Also, I havent seen alot of good crosses in from wings for players to attack, but that can be forgiven given that the players are not the best in terms of aerial ability, considering the height of tevez and rooney, and also the fact that he is more threatening when cutting inside the box then going byline. I look forward to a fully-fit saha playing with ronaldo, also the newly signed african player(still not sure about his name, Manucho isit?)

Well, i am having a hard time trying to pick on him, maybe somebody can help me out here

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I wrote this post last June and got a bit of stick for it but I still stand by MOST of what I wrote. Obviously since then he has improved a lot and is having a great season thus far with 22 goals to his name.
This is where I think he could improve:

(Written 7 months ago)
It may sound critical but I think he needs to improve quite a few features of his game. As a pro I think he is always looking to improve things, thats why he trains so hard. Anyway he needs to improve his:

1. Free kick taking-he misses so many. When his unique style works it really works but he blasts most of them in the stands or the wall.

2. Defensive side of his game needs much improving. He does so much going forward and he thinks he has a right not to bother tracking back. You rarely see Ronnie making a tackle. Do you?

3. Attitude. He has improved on this massively this season, especially after the world cup episode, but sometimes he goes missing in games and seems like he is uninterested or pissed off with his team mates.

4. Shooting- Just like fat frank lamps he shoots as soon as he gets a sniff of goal. Its probably why they score so many but he still misses the target too much for my liking.

5. Big game temperament- Against Milan, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool he went a bit missing this year. We know ronnie is class, he does it against most teams but when we really need him to come up trumps when it counts (EC semi vs Milan and FA cup final in particular) he doesnt deliver. I know Im sounding like a critical bastard but its what I believe.

6. Crossing- Not that he is bad at crossing but he is no Beckham. He is a good crosser but there is still improvement to be made.

I could probably go on and pick at every aspect of his game. We all know ronnie is class and at 22 is one of the best in world football. He still frustrates sometimes but not half as much as he excites. Even Giggs and Scholes state that they are still improving and looking to improve. No one is perfect and everyone has many aspects that need improving. That is my point really.
He is going to be THE best one day and in the mean time he will have us all on the edge of our seats.

Obviously my attitude has changed somewhat but not much. His free kicks have improved massively along with his shooting.
Im a big fan of Ronnie and its scary to think how great he WILL become.

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He is the best in the world. I have said it for a long time. They dont like giving it to someone who plays in the English leauge. Kaka is playing for a team that is midtable. If ronaldo played for them i beleive they would be doing a lot better.

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Sven: Stop Ronaldo To Stop United!

Manchester City boss Sven-Goran Eriksson says beating Manchester United is simple - just make sure you take Ronaldo out of the game. The whole game.

Manchester City completed a famous league double of Manchester United on Sunday after shocking many to claim a 2-1 win at Old Trafford.

Following August's 1-0 win over the Red Devils at Eastlands, Sven-Goran Eriksson has marched into a 2-0 lead over Sir Alex Ferguson since taking the City hotseat last summer.

Asked what the secret to beating United was, the Swede said it's simple: stop Cristiano Ronaldo from playing. "There's no trick to beating United," he explained. "You just have to work hard.

"You know when you meet teams like this you have to have legs, track them down and not let them play football. If you let players like Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal and Ronaldo have the ball . . . they are too good.

"You have to be aggressive and keep the team very compact. That is the secret — but keep it a secret, OK!â€

The result leaves Manchester United five points off the pace in the league title race, also ensuring that City remain in contention for the fourth Champions League spot.

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i think in a poor match where united had great possession but little in creativity its usually the best players who provide that moment of magic or greatness which in the end seperates the teams...Ronaldo did that, he had one chance and took it, only world class players do that. Rooney should have scored again today but for some reason decided to chip the ball when he had time. Ronaldo was frustating at times but he like messi are like that, all the best players can be frustating but there is no doubt he is one of the top 3 players in the world. Kaka couldnt do anything for milan and messi spends half the season in the treatment room so it looks like at the moment ronaldhinio and ronaldo are the 2 great world players who are going to be playing in the next round! I love the champions league!

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we have been without rooney for large parts of this season and we were still challenging on fronts so i think that notion is pretty much dismissed. Luckily for us ronaldo does not get injured that much so we cannot really say whether he would be missed or not but i think he would be a huge miss myself. Especially in the CL...i do not think we would have a chance of winning it without him however if he was to get injured now till the end of the season in the premier league i think we can still win it with giggs and nani on the wings and since we are already in a great great position so i do not think it would hamper us too much in the PL now till the end but it'd hurt us in europe imo.

However if ronaldo was injured as much as rooney has been this season i doubt we would be where we are, he has been immense for us

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Ronaldo missing is gonna hurt...but realli depends on the whole squad...some games ronaldo couldnt even make more than 2 appearences on my tv where as some games hes almost hogging the ball and scoring...
for rooney, he has been pretty unlucky with goals..but games without him, i see the team playing pretty this season when roony was out for 6 weeks, we played like ****..then the games we lost against west ham and man city, rooney werent there, and the attack werent as strong..and prbly the spirit isnt there too....

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His record in big games is poor.

I do think at the moment he is overrated, his goalscoring is superb but his final ball is poor and needs to stand up and be counted in the games which count.

Hopefully he can become a great player but at the moment I think rooney is a better player.

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Stand-in skip sends Utd clear

Ronaldo: Another decisive double

Cristiano Ronaldo set a new landmark as Manchester United moved three points clear at the top of the table with a 2-0 home win over Bolton Wanderers.

The Portuguese winger, who was captain for the night in the absence of several senior players, struck twice in the opening 20 minutes at Old Trafford.

He put United in front on nine minutes when scuffing home a shot to equal George Best's record of 32 goals in a season for a winger.

And on 20 minutes he surpassed the Red Devils legend when he hit a stunning free-kick for his 33rd goal of a remarkable campaign.

In between, Kevin Davies was denied by a smart stop from Tomasz Kuszczak, but the result leaves Bolton deep in the relegation mire.

Bolton manager Gary Megson's tactic of packing defence and midfield was hardly unexpected, but it took less than nine minutes for United to nullify them.


Carlos Tevez threatened to score only for Ricardo Gardner to whip the ball off his toe, but from the resulting corner Ronaldo struck.

It was not the most beautiful of Ronaldo's many goals but it was crucial.

First the winger rose to head back Nani's corner, Tevez missed an overhead kick but Bolton only half-cleared and Ronaldo was swiftly there to strike a shot into the ground and home from 12 yards out.

Nani blazed over after a jinking run, but in the 18th minute Bolton put together a thrilling move that nearly earned them an equaliser.

The inspiration was Danny Guthrie, the midfielder on loan from Liverpool and Bolton's best player of the night, surging out of midfield and then down the right where he sent over a searching cross.

Davies' movement had seen him shake off Gerard Pique and he slid in at the far post only to see Kuszczak make an excellent stop.

The costliness of that miss was hammered home as Ronaldo made it 33 goals for the season, and 24 in the league, after being fouled by Abdoulaye Meite.

It was another of those tremendous Ronaldo free-kicks which rose, dipped and swerved from 30 yards out over a six-man wall to leave Ali Al Habsi clutching thin air.

Gretar Steinsson tried to get Bolton back into it but failed with a wild drive, before Tevez curled a left-footed shot into Al Habsi's arms after a scintillating dribble.

United nearly made it three in first-half injury-time as first Darren Fletcher's low drive was blocked and then John O'Shea blasted wide.

Immediately after the break Steinsson, moved to centre-back, played Bolton into further trouble by chopping down Tevez on the edge of the box.

Old Trafford awaited Ronaldo, but he was the decoy and instead Nani took the free-kick and only a sprawling dive by Al Habsi kept the ball out.

Spell of pressure

But then followed Bolton's spell of pressure and United had cause to thank their keeper.

First Davies' threatened but shot low and straight at Kuszczak, then Diouf did have the ball in the net with a quickly-taken free-kick but referee Alan Wiley ruled it out on the grounds he had not whistled for him to strike it.

Bolton did not complain too much, but when Diouf put the re-taken kick in the same spot Kuszczak was waiting for it.

The Polish keeper then performed heroics to tip over after Nicky Hunt caught a volley perfectly from 30 yards out and the ball looked destined for the top corner.

Gavin McCann was next to find Kuszczak impregnable as the keeper turned aside his low strike.

United responded to end the revival and the Ronaldo hat-trick looked odds on when he ran at the Bolton defence, performed a couple of step-overs and sent in a fierce shot but Al Habsi was able to parry his effort.

Louis Saha should have sealed matters after a neat side-step but lost his cool and found the stands instead.

As United poured forward for a third, Nani had three decent chances in quick succession, two missed and one saved. The home fans were left cursing they had not fallen to his captain.,19764,11065_2962838,00.html

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United_OG said:
whether he is the best player in the world or not, he is by far our best and most complete player. He was one of the best three players in the world last season and this season he has played better than anyone in the world.

There seems to be loads of rooney bias on this site and sometimes i get the feeling people on here do not want ronaldo to be the best player in the world or something but really, he has been the difference for us this season so many times i find it difficult to believe people still doubt him. Infact it makes me laugh. Even if he doesnt have a good game on sunday he is so consistant and when on top of his game he is more often than not the difference. Brilliant and most complete player at united.

Pleasure to have watched him at old trafford and i hope he continues to entertain and delight fans and the world for many years to come

Howya again seems such a long time since we debated lol!!!

again I respect every word of your posts but I think I need to clarify a couple of things youve mentioned. firstly there is NO Rooney bias in terms of we want to have his children. What people recognise is wazza's all round unselfish team ethic that rubs off on all his teammates. Ronaldo is recognised like last night as a goal machine who excels against all the mediocre teams who make up the vast majority of the premiership . Great players though are measured in how they perform against the big teams or the knockout stages of the champions league.

I have repeated the above points to you a few times but nothing personal but you dont seem to take on board what I or others have been saying. I like all true united fans hope he replicates last nights performance on sunday and later on vs L'arse and the renties + the champions league. Then I might be able to listen to Jamie redknapp(all bow!) drooling over Ronny and coming out with wildly exagerrated drivel like he is the tiger woods of football.:eek:

Peace mate and Happy easter!!
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