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Here's the line-up for those interested:

Xfm Main Stage: The Sunshine Underground, Cherry Ghost, The Whip, The Elektrons, AKALA, Virus Syndicate, This is Seb Clarke, The Answering Machine, Real Dolls, Kate Rogers, La Gran Desgarga, KC Smiley, Trafford Urban Development Project
Plus Xfm DJs Clint Boon, Dave Haslam, Gareth Brooks, Sunta & Sapna, Jon Ford

Kenworthy Stage: Van She, South Central (Live), Maps, Twisted Charm, Ting Tings, The Mekkits, Middleman, Lo-Fi Fnk, This Et Al, Lowlife, Air Cav, Headlines, Daggers,
plus High Voltage, Tramp! and Men In Masks DJs

Unity Stage: XTC (Valve), Prophecy (Metropolis), MR Brown (Platoon), X -Logic ( DRSS), Damo B (Unity), MC's Ton Piper, Skeez, Digga, Mitch B2B Backchat, MC Wayne Cole, BackDraft, Zen Cartel, Broke n English, Tor & Twin B, Phi Life Cypher, Varbal Kent, Karmic Evolution ( Dr B), Ink Lined Minds, Solja, Meistro (Rythem & Grime), Tsana, Hit Em Up, Invincible, K1, Unity Radio Urban Stage Comp, Phat Pat B2B Gibbo, DJ Sanskaras (Unity Radio), Elusive, Asian Sound Talent, Fusing Naked Beats, LH1 feat Mc Gorilla Chilla, Epok Live, Smokin' Dubs Show, Blendaholics, Karl Imani, Jay Josam, Jay Wearden + Danny Wearden (All grown up)

Barca: Belle & Sebastian (B Music DJ Set – Chris Geddes and Bobby Kildea), Mani, Broadcast DJ Set, Justin Spear, Andy Votel, Dom Thomas, Cherrystones, Voice of the seven woods, Chris McBride, Chris the Judge Arther, Graham Massey, Lee Janda, Rich Hero and Andrew Maggee, Stan Chow, Lady Miss Dawn, Barrie Stricker Leach, Sean Vinylment,

Arches Stage: Rita and Sue, FC Kahuna, Marc Roberts, Domu, Matty J, Beat Monkeys, Matty J, DJ DEVAL, DNCN (Live), Nieve Melody, Contort Yourself, Micron, Tangled, Locked, Guilty Pleasures, Norman Jay, Friends and Family, El Diablo Social Club, Nish Nash Nosh

Roman Garden: The Urban Voodoo Machine, Thingumabob and Thingamajig, Bella Besame, Laura Dora, Dr Sid, Miss Ruby Fortune, Dr Butlers Hatstand Medical Band, Sisters of Transistors, Band (ism), Bluebird Kid Clark, Orphan Boy, Twisted Wheel, Cohesion, Exile Parade, The Naughties, Strephen Evans and the Planets,

Acoustic Stage: Karima Francis, Liz Greene, Eugene McGuinness, Nomad Jones, Denis Jones, George Borowski, Lucy and the Caterpillar, Magic Arm, Petty Thief, Becca Williams, Will Tang, Rory McKee, Mily Blue,

Sketch City: James T. Cotton (aka Dabrye/ Tadd Mullinix/ TNT/ Spectral/ Detroit), Jon K & Kelvin Brown (Eyes Down), Ryan Hunn, Jonny Dub, Neil Trenier (Sketch City), Assmatics (Mathmatics & Drive Thru), G-Kut, Rich Reason, Kev Maguire & Mark Scholes (Best Foot Forward), Roots Before Branches DJs

New Stage: Polytecnic, Jim Noir, Courteeners, The KBC, Deadbeats, Beep Seals, Carlis Star, Bonebox, How's My Pop, Fear of Music, Lead Ballons, It's a Buffalo, The Jakpot

Sing LSD................
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