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Daniel Alves

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Breaking news : Bosingwa has agreed to sign for chelsea around 15-20mil

we should now definitely go for dani alves who is brilliant and is a good freekick, penalty taker and captain

please SAF buy him. one thing is he won't come on the cheap he will cost around £25-30 mil

we should bring him to england as chelsea won't need him now
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25-30 Is far too much. I would never pay that much. And anyway, we already have a great free-kick & Penalty taker in Ronaldo, and we have many good free-kick takers in general.

I'd use that money on a Striker, like Benzema for example.
Any source for the Boswinga to Chelsea deal?
you'd pay up to 30 mil cause he can take penos, frees and is captain. none of this would happen if he came.

I think he is quite poor defensively to be honest, good attacking but is vulnerable. I don't think we need a rb.
For 20mil, we should probably go for Micah Richards.
Why are some people obsessed with getting Alves?

He can't defend and hes over-rated.

If we're going to pay £25-30m for a defender we should spend it on Micah Richards.

A much better player just now with bags more potential.

P.S I can't find Bosingwa signing for Chelsea anywhere. Source is Tribal Football, anyone? :p
Jazz 16 said:
Any source for the Boswinga to Chelsea deal?
Was on SSN. Confirmed Monday.
if it's not on sky sports news or on the webby it's not likely to be true
I would love to see him at OT...if only he was cheaper!

alves wld b a gr8 addition to the squad. wld cost less than 30 mil probably about 20 mil considerin de fact dat he already wants to leave sevilla. no doubt micah richards wld be xlnt but our city rivals wld definitely not want 2 sell him 2 us. de race 4 alves has gone down dramatically compared 2 last season nd a quick deal shld b made early in de transfer window. sevilla wld probably want 2 cash in on alves whilst dey still can as dey kno he doesn't want 2 stay.
Am I the only one who...

...doesn't want Dani Alves at Man Utd?

I know theres already a thread about Alves, but I'm getting paranoid about this question so I thought it deserved a thread on its own ;)

Imo, hes over-rated and can't defend to save his life.

Is there somebody out there who agrees with me?

i don't think that alves is that good of defender he is good going forward like evra but not as good under pressure going towards his own goal, with evra and alves i believe that the two remianing defenders vidic and ferdinand as good as they are a bit isolated against at least one striker and one winger may be even two strikers and two wingers. this would make the midfielders jobs even harder so with lack goals coming from the centre if midfield already that could stop any attacking play from the cm
i dont really want alves, but bosingwa has signed for chelsea for 16m so what other realistic options are there? if we are to strengthen in that area that is :)
We don't need anyone. We do not need him. We've got Gary, Wes, Simmo, Rafael Silva. They're our why spend £20 Million + on a RB when we've got great ones for the future already?

the source is

face it guys we'll have to go for a rb. brown's a ball watcher and neville the legend is getting old
I hope that we sign Micah Richards.

Hes going to be World Class. Our defence is solid already, but just think how incredible it will be if you add Micah Richards in there. :eek:
not good at defending but good going forward i would prefer Wes Brown rb
We won the league with Brown and are undefeated in the UCL with him too. Why all the talk of another RB?
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