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Danny Simpson

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Let's be honest here.

If we are playing against a very strong opposition side,(say FC Barcelona or Inter Milan),we would leaked quite a number of goals. They're going to cause us a lot problems down that side until it's sorted out once-and-for-all , and probably get a few great goal-scoring opportunities out of it. Anyone else notice how all Everton's attacks starts on his side? Imagine if both Mikel Arteta & Leon Osman are playing for them, & the game is played @ Goodison Park. What would the result be?
I'm not saying that he's not a good player or what. But I juz' don't think that he's the perfect replacement for Gazza. Probably the 'Next Wes Brown', a decent defender who's good,but not great, & one whom Manchester United can't rely on massively for winning the treble. I would suggest getting either Philipp Lahm or Branislav Ivanovic. :)
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Its a bit harsh making a thread on this kid after making his home debut.

He is still a kid and will learn from experience. He looked a bit out of his depth today but that can happen with nerves and inexperience. Everton did exploit this well and SAF did the right thing by putting O'Shea on at HT.

maybe we need some cover but it depends what happens with Nev(fitness) and Wes(contract etc). Ivanovic would be a personal favourite of mine as he is big, strong and extremely versatile.....

but cmon give young Simpson a chance at least.
dovorian said:
Well Johnny didn't have his greatest performance in a United shirt today, he didn't seem like himeself.

Simpson will learn from his mistakes and is a decent young kid, SAF would have had him out the door by now if he didn't think he was good enough.
I thought O'Shea did well. He made his tackles and got forward once or twice. His experience and calm was needed 2nd half.
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