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Danny Simpson

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Let's be honest here.

If we are playing against a very strong opposition side,(say FC Barcelona or Inter Milan),we would leaked quite a number of goals. They're going to cause us a lot problems down that side until it's sorted out once-and-for-all , and probably get a few great goal-scoring opportunities out of it. Anyone else notice how all Everton's attacks starts on his side? Imagine if both Mikel Arteta & Leon Osman are playing for them, & the game is played @ Goodison Park. What would the result be?
I'm not saying that he's not a good player or what. But I juz' don't think that he's the perfect replacement for Gazza. Probably the 'Next Wes Brown', a decent defender who's good,but not great, & one whom Manchester United can't rely on massively for winning the treble. I would suggest getting either Philipp Lahm or Branislav Ivanovic. :)
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Ever heard of being overawed by the occasion? I think you are being harsh here on a kid who severely lacks in experience against "class" opposition. He is a great prospect. Bardsley can play instead of Neville and has done successfully.
red_dec7 said:
i was a the game an simpson did look nervous but hes young he will learn an i think a defenate replacement for Neville
just coz he has one bad game doesnt mean we need a new right back
I was at the game and Simpson did look nervous but he's young; he will learn and I think a definite replacement for Neville. Just because he had one bad game doesn't mean we need a new right back

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