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TheManc said:
what was that 3-3-2 thing about in the opening part of the video?

also, are LA Galaxy in the top league in america?
Don't know what the 3-3-2 was.

The Leagues in America are regional, as it would be impractical
to travel all the way across America for each away game. They
have a final tournament at the end of the season I think between
the winners of each regional League.

Not 100% sure to be honest, but wikipedia will help you out I'm sure ;)

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I do get to see a few MLS games here and there. In my opinion becks has the best vision in the league. The game over here is a little better now than a few years ago, the style reminds me of more south american play fast passing and loads of running. I wish they had more width to their play, but that may come oneday?
One good thing is that the galaxy and chivas teams have a great rivalry going now,not to shabby.

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it doesnt matter if a goalie is there or not, from 60 yards to hit the target after a lil run with the ball, its not like had forever to do it. He just is very naturally amazing at precision long ball passing. I think the lad deserves abit more credit than some of you are givin him for that finish. Top goal.

1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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