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David Bentley to Spurs?

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Tottenham manager Juande Ramos is preparing a £15million bid for David Bentley this week, with the London factor likely to give him a vital advantage over rival bidders Aston Villa.

Bentley has told his new manager at Blackburn, Paul Ince, that he wants to quit the club after three seasons at Ewood Park, although Rovers are determined to get the highest price possible for the England midfielder.

bentley is a good player but spurs have enough midefielders as it is.. and have lennon on the right and i rate him better than bentley.. spurs are going to be a BIG threat next season as they got modric and dos santos and gomes and having ramos as the coach.. dodgy
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eoininho said:
How many years have we been saying Spurs are on the up?

They've spent very poorly all in all in the last number of years, luckily Roy Keane is willing to cut a big chunk of their losses, Harry Redknapp did them a favour before, clearing out half their muck!!

realistically they are a pretty poor team, their main asset was their strike and thats being picked at at the moment!
I think the difference this time is that they have a quality manager. I don't think they'll crack the top 4 yet, but in the next 2/3 years under Ramos I can see them really making a push.

Am I the onlt one who thinks Bentley is very overrated? I think he's a good player, but no where near CL level.

On another note, how funny would it be if another team reported Spurs for tapping up one of there players? :D
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