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RedForceRising said:{F9E570E6-407E-44BC-800F-4A3110258114}&newsid=3963087&page=1

United chief executive David Gill has saluted the club's talent scouts for the part they played in helping the Reds retain the title.

The four new players signed last summer – Nani, Anderson, Owen Hargreaves and Carlos Tevez – made more than 100 league appearances between them. Quite a feat when you consider that Anderson and Nani were new to English football, and Hargreaves had also never played in the Premier League before, despite playing for the national team.

“We’ve worked very hard over the last few years to make sure the signings are right,” said David Gill on MUTV.

“That’s testament to Sir Alex Ferguson, Carlos Queiroz, (chief scout) Jim Lawlor, the scouting system and our ability to identify players who are going to make a difference.

“The team last year (2006/07) won the title fantastically, so the challenge was how do you improve on that? But that’s what we’ve tried to do, to make sure we don’t stand still but progress. Sir Alex will never let us rest on our laurels and if we can improve the squad this summer, we will certainly be in a position to do so.”

The chief exec was also full of praise for the spirit at the club following the Reds’ tenth Premier League title. Although he acknowledges that the success is largely down to the players, he also credits the staff and the fans for the vital support they give to the team.

“We believe we have a good atmosphere at United, and this works positively for everyone," he said.

“Winning the league is the culmination of ten long months of hard work by everyone at the club. It’s brilliant and it sets us up for the cup final in Moscow next week.”

- -hmmmmm...... I'm not sure the clubs scouts are in lline to be praised quite yet. I think Ajax, Barcelona, Arsenal and Milan have much better scouts. It's one thing to spot a talent when it's already bleeding obvious that he's going to be great, but it's another to spot talent at 14 or 15. AC Milan were alerted to Kaka and Pato by chief Brazilian scout Leonardo when they were very young. In Pato's case when he was 15. Because of Messi's medical condition, he was recommended to Barcelona at the age of 14 and they knew they were looking at someone special.

In addition, there have been some horror signings that were recommended by our scouts like the Djemba twins, Tailbi and Bellion. I think we've had more luck in the transfer market recently, but we're still behind the clubs lsited above in terms of scouting.
you're right there rfr... if anything they should be criticised for not spotting the young talents since , i don't know, giggsy ... we have an ordinary to say the best scouting network... i mean - imagine if we had taken carrick while playing for west ham...sure - we bought ronaldo, but hardly their work is it...if we hadn't played sporting none of this would have happened
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