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David Pegg grew up in a house 200 yards away from me in my village. He is buried in the local cemetery and on every anniversary of the Munich disaster, two bunches of red/white flowers are left, one from his sister and one from Manchester United Football Club.

Picture above was taken on the 50th anniversary and had flowers from people as far as 40 miles away.

I think the verse on the gravestone is very touching and fitting for the type of player he was.

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Thanks for the thread Ant.

Bit of info:

Name: David Pegg
Position: Forward
Age: 22

David Pegg had been a schoolboy prodigy. Some pressmen even saw him as the
replacement to Tom Finney in the England set-up. Pegg had been wanted by
almost every top club but choose United and made his debut in the 1952/53 at
the age of 17. He went on to be become one of the most respected wingers in
the football league until he suffered a loss of form towards to the end of 1957
which let Albert Scanlon in.

His reputation stretched as far as Europe and Real Madrid once stated they had
signed a defender specifically to nullify his threat. Pegg, who won two
Championships whilst with the Red Devils, was more of a tricky winger than an
out and out striker. He liked to cross the ball and Dennis Viollet and Tommy Taylor
were grateful recipients of many of his looping balls. Pegg had won just one
England cap.

United were robbed of a priceless asset.


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thanks. he is buried in same cemetery as my grandfather and he was a massive united fan too.

Everytime i go i look at both of them. Left one of my united scarves for the 50th munich anniversary.
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