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RedForceRising said:
Er..... he didn' impress me at all against Italy, because there was no end-product.

It's like having a Ferarri which can't move.

He made nice penetrating runs, but his last ball was always poor and his shooting was RARELY on target. I haven't seen much of him, but I have seen a few times and i don't think I would rate him higher than Ashley Young.

Plus he looks like a Las Vegas singer.....definitely something's not quite right. he's got a bit of a Clay Aitken look ....
what are you saying? He shoots very well and he had a big performance against Italy..What you say is like say that to be end product he must score every game.

Come on, he is young and he can play left right or belong a forward. He is a good signing.. nobody is better than Ronaldo
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