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Valencia are having a very dissapointing season, it looks like they are going to miss out on european qualification altogether as they are even falling behind in the Uefa Cup positions. This means that a number of there top players will be considering there future at the club, the one that I want to talk about is David Villa. He has already said that he wants to play in the premiership and this summer it could happen. David Villa would be an incredible signing for Man Utd, and due to the troubles of Valencia and the players desire to play in the premier League he is a realistic target.

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Actually i had not even thought about him, but the thought
is interesting. He is a quality player, we know that.
Always thought he would go to Pool or Chelsea, but
Chelsea wont buy him because they have Drogba/Anelka +Shev
and Kalou and find it hard to play all of them.
Thought the Spanish connection at Pool could tempt him but
I dont think they will buy big again after the amount spent on
So as you pointed out that leaves us.
i am of the thinking that we dont particularly need a striker in
the summer. Roo/Tev/Manucho and Saha on good form/fitness
should be enough.
Im a huge Berbatov fan and like the kid Benzema, but I
would still be happy if we got David Villa as he is top notch.

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As I hve said earlier before, a certain David Villa on form is the best striker in the world. He possessed almost anything which ue want ur 'dream striker' to possess.
From what I've seen of him in Valencia's games, he's a lot better than Fernando Torres. Also, don't forgetting that he's suave & handsome!! :D :p 'El GuaJa's currently one of my fave football players in the world! Get him fast SAF! ;)
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