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Justice said:
Whats the point? There are plenty of good young footballers around why are you posting him here? Are United looking at him? Have you found an article about him with a possible move to OT?
^Ditto! Couldn't understand why are there outbursts of new threads over some young, talented players in the world of planet football in the 'transfer speculation' section. Are any of them even linked with a possible move to OT in the very first place? Just because there's some teenage starlet which caught their eyes, and 'boom!', there's another new thread on that particular player when there's already at least one on him. I really don't see what's the point in creating a thread in the transfer speculation section when we, United, are clearly not linked with him at all. Get a life lads...there's over 100+ of young players with immense potential which caught my eyes. But I don't even think about forming a new thread on him ffs!
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