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rumour -- counter rumour - deals out of the blue ---- multi millionaire takeovers -- by the lord harry its better than any movie .

owen signs at ten to midnight , forlan the prodigal returns , huntelaar seen at the midland, if it didnt exist we would have to invent it .

and what about the medicals !!! berbatov signs then scan shows he has no backbone and a heart problem !!:eek:

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lol sure is crazy thats for sure. Im not particularly enjoying it, cos our
season could hinge on the outcome of today.
Its fun to a degree but Ill only be laughing if we get our man....

Its crazy how many deals are going through today.:eek:

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Im just hate Man City even more after what they did now. Launching a bid in the absolute last second? Anyone smell Ramsey and Arsenal again? lol

Nah I bet we will get him because of CL football but they are just dogs (City).

Anyone else think that this last transfer day
has been the most exciting, hectic and interesting
last day ever ?

I can't remember any previous year where so much
has been happening in such a short time.

Also has anyone else been wondering why so many clubs,
United included, have left eveything to the last day when
they've had all summer to get things done ?

Crazy day !!! But a great day as well.
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