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Death threats sent to Chelsea Boss

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Death threats sent to Chelsea's Avram Grant
By Richard Morgan and agencies
Last Updated: 1:29pm GMT 20/02/2008

Police are investigating anti-semitic death threats that were sent to Chelsea manager Avram Grant in a package containing a mysterious powder.

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The club's training facility at Cobham, Surrey, was sealed off yesterday after a member of staff opened the package. A note addressed to Grant claimed the powder was lethal.

Serious threat: Chelsea manager Grant has been sent death threats
A police source confirmed that the note to Grant, 52, included the words: "You are a back-stabbing Jewish b******. When you open this letter you will die a very slow and painful death."

Death threats of a sexual nature were also made to Grant's wife, Tzofit, a well-known television personality in the couple's native Israel.

A spokesman for Surrey Police said: "We were called to Chelsea's training ground at Cobham at 12.15pm yesterday after they received a suspicious package.

"A white powder contained within the package was analysed by specialists from Surrey Fire Service and was determined to be a harmless substance.

"Detectives are continuing investigations to identify the source of the package."

At the time Grant and Chelsea were in Athens ahead of last night's goalless draw with Olympiakos in the Champions League. The club were not immediately available for comment today.

Earlier this season, Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck condemned anti-semitic chants from a small group of supporters following Grant's appointment as first team coach in succession to Jose Mourinho.

Buck used his programme notes to appeal for an "immediate" halt to taunts about the Grant "which could be viewed as racist or anti-semitic".

diiisgusting...dont know if this is football banter but im assuming this is partially linked to his position as chelsea manager.
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Whoever sent him that is a complete scumbag.
We have no room for that in football or in life.
pathetic behaviour.
Lets hope they catch the scumbag who did this. Not cool at all to send death threats to anyone. Lets also hope it wasn't a serious threat.
No not right......horrible thing to happen and if this forces Grant, who has done a very good job at Chelsea to be fair, it will be a tragic oss to football. What has he done to deserve "Death Threats"? Probably some looser who decided he would have a great laugh and send a threating letter to chelsea's boss. Hopefully, we don't hear anymore of it.

(Bit odd, his wife was dragged into it....)
Not the first time Grant has had a death threat either.

When he was National coach of Israel he made a trip to Tunisia (not sure if it was football related or not but he got special dispensation to enter the country because of his position). Israel and Tunisia don't really get on so he received death threats after that trip too.

Whatever the reason, there's no excuse for it. I'm just glad the powder was harmless - it must be very scary when something like that happens.
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