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While banter and good fun are ok, please refrain from interrupting the flow of the debate once it's gotten started.

This is a second round contest.

The Topic: Are reality shows really real?
16-Keano-16 says they are indeed real, while Red Devil Jeff feels they are entirely scripted.

16-K will start the debate.

Both people will have 3 days to prepare their debate, with 16-K making his opening statements on or before Saturday. RDJ will then have 24 hours to post his opening. 16-K will make his rebuttal against RDJ's opening within 2 days time. RDJ's rebuttal to 16-K will come, again, within 24 hours. Closing remarks will be started by 16-K within the next 24 hours, followed by RDJ's no later than another 24 hours.

Judges will then give their winner within the next 2 days time

Thank you Sir Alex
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Reality shows are not real

Posted by: red devil jeff

Are reality shows real? I believe they are scripted. I present the following points to support my stance.

Firstly, i would like to point out a simple truth. All of the t.v shows depend on viewership for their survival. The competition between the channels is such that if a show doesn't have enough ratings, it would be impossible to carry on with it. Therefore the directors and the producers of the show, 'reality' or not, have to make sure that the audience watch the show regularly.

Now to get audience glued to the tv set, the show must entertaining. Now real life incidents or the way people react in real life might not 'entertaining'. So what would the director/producer do? Will they allow the show to carry on as it is out of honesty? I believe not. The only reason they are making the show is money. For money, they need sponsors. For sponsors, they need ratings. For ratings, they need to make the show more entertaining. For this reason, they would sacrifice the 'reality' of the show in order to make it more entertaining.

We the audience are made to believe what we see in these shows are real. It prints a false picture of the person in the show in our minds.

In these shows, a lot of creative artifice, a lot of typing and manipulation is employed on them than many viewers might guess. It does not depict the real life actions of the individual portrayed in it. Hence it is my firm belief that reality shows are not real as they claim to be.

I thank you for your time and effort taken in reading my post.
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