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The Debate (format and rules):

- While the statement itself can (and most likely will) be part of a bigger topic, the debate itself will be a specific question with a clear "yes or no" type answer (Is jam the best thing to put on bread). In this case, one member (affirmative role) would say "yes" the other "no" (opposition). Members will privately communicate with me in some manner which side they are going to be on (either PM, email, messenger, etc - ask and I'll give you any of the means to contact me).

- Members will be drawn from a hat to set up the first round of debating. Topics will be assigned based on member response (1/2 logic, 1/2 random - if 1 topic has everyone feeling the exact same way except for 1 contest, they will get that topic, otherwise draw from hat). If for some reason additional topics are needed to separate this, additional new topics will be chosen those members will be informed and the process of communication will repeat until settled.

- I will make the first post to create the thread with the debate. The topic will be announced as will the members and their stance.

- The person with the affirmative stance will present their opening remarks (always first). The opposition will then make their opening statement (NOT arguing against the other person, just their reasons for opposing, etc.)

- Opening statements should: define the motion of their side of the debate (I support this because...) and present their case with reasons why they support this and why feeling any other way is wrong

- Supportive side will then rebut opposition's opening statements. Opposing side will then do the same to affirmative's.

- Support will give closing remarks, then opposition. No new arguments can be brought up during closure.

- Debate over. Judges will announce winner

Additional Rules:
- Judges will communicate silently to discuss the winner.

- This will be a single elimination bracket style format, where any blank slot will be occupied with a bye (not to exceed any more than 1 bye per opening round contest - a bye cannot make it to the 2nd round).

- Players will have 3 days after the time the debate thread is created to prepare. Additional time can be granted under certain circumstances (holiday, overly busy work, etc. - hanging out at the pub, footy practice, etc. will not be reasons for extension). Any changes to the time will be updated in the first post of that thread

- Penalties will be given for: failure to follow contest guidelines, tardiness (1st day penalty for judge talley, 2nd day more severe, 3rd day forefit)

Prizes: TBA


- Debaters will be given until midnight Sunday to submit their stance on each topic to me

- The threads will be posted sometime Monday for each debate with its members and topic, pending any discrepancies on avialable topics/stances (see 2nd point under rules)

- Competition should start Monday, Sept 1st.

Signed up (16/16):
Bold means you've submitted topic stances
Marty Davidson
Andersons Left Foot
red devil jeff

Judges (3/3):

01.) At least one parent should stay at home to raise their child: yes or no
02.) Same sex couples should have equal rights regarding adoption: yes or no
03.) Science has more potential to kill than to help: yes or no
04.) Torture as an interrogation technique is justified: yes or no
05.) Alcohol limits should be raised/more strictly enforced: yes or no
06.) Violent video games should be banned: yes or no
07.) There should be one dominate language throughout the world: yes or no
08.) Drivers should be prohibited from using mobiles, including hands-free: yes or no
09.) Physical Education should be a required course in schools: yes or no
10.) Problematic issues in the world (Russia, Iraq...) are best delt with: force or diplomacy
11.) Strict government rules are necessary to keep the country organized and efficient: yes or no
12.) Is there a higher being (god/gods): yes or no
13.) Recycling should be mandatory: yes or no
14.) School uniforms should be banned: yes or no
15.) Reality shows: real or scripted
16.) Should people have to pass a test in order to have children: yes or no
17.) Which gets you farther: good looks or good mind
18.) Do aliens exist: yes or no
19.) Obesity: disease or choice
20.) Abortion should be legal: yes or no


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11 people so far, nice :)


Also, anyone that is interested in being a judge that ISN'T in the debate itself, let me know. Just in case anyone is worried about a solo judge (I think 3 judges would be ok, majority wins... just let me know if you're interested, I can explain how it all works)

Rules 1.0 has been updated to first post. Let me know if there are any questions, comments, etc.

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PrinceZane said:
11 people so far, nice :)

I'd like to get 5 more people if possible to make an even bracket. I'll start working on the rules and stuff and hopefully get something up before I leave work :)


Also, anyone that is interested in being a judge that ISN'T in the debate itself, let me know. Just in case anyone is worried about a solo judge (I think 3 judges would be ok, majority wins... just let me know if you're interested, I can explain how it all works)
Think being a judge would be nice. :cool:

I promise to be fair, objective, unbiased and to uphold justice, equality blah blah blah BS... so as to achieve happiness and progress for the forum. :D
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