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The Portuguese playmaker insists that United will be terrified of conceding, since this will mean that they will have to score at least two to go through, while he is sure that the prospect of coming up against Leo Messi again will cause them untold amounts of worry.

"We lacked a goal in the last game but we dominated and created many clear chances against a great rival," Deco said of the first leg in Barcelona.

"I'm confident. The team are in really good shape.

"The goalless draw is not a bad result by any means. We kept a clean sheet without any real problem apart from the penalty,"

"Now they will be afraid that if they concede a goal at Old Trafford they will have to score two to knock us out.

"When I saw the United lineup with Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo I thought they were going to put pressure on our build up from the back and disrupt our rhythm but it was not like that, they just sat back," he added.

"They won't be able to do that in front of their crowd as I expect that over there they will try to put pressure on us.

"If we have something good about us it is that we know to play one-touch football and combine well together.

"We will overcome the pressure and it will be there for the taking for us as we will have more spaces and more passes available for our strikers to have one on ones.

"For sure in Manchester we will have more open spaces than we did at our stadium and sooner or later the goals will come."

Deco, who was a surprise starter for the first-leg but carried himself admirably in the midfield, then suggested that United's defenders will find it impossible to keep out Messi and Eto'o over two legs.

He said" "We have a lot of goals in this team. Eto'o will certainly get chances. Samuel is a player for whom you can have no complaints.

"He always fights and is a constant danger and in Manchester I am sure he will have the luck that he didn't last Wednesday.

"I saw Leo in really good shape. Patrice Evra found out that you can't rest for a second with him.

"He had many players onto him all the time sometimes three or four, Evra, Paul Scholes and Ji Sung Park and even then he was dangerous.

"In Manchester they will have to attack more and for sure they won't be able to stop Messi. That will be great for us."
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