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red_devils4life said:
Italian Serie A Week 17 Preview: Inter Milan take on AC Milan, Roma and Juventus pushing to catch up.

This might be El Clasico weekend in Spain but you wouldn't be able to sell that to the Italians. Just like La Liga, the Italian Serie A too batters itself into a Christmas and New Year hibernation after this weekend's round of matches but for Italy, this is Derby della Madonnina weekend.

Yes, it's Internazionale versus AC Milan, or rather in affectionate terms, Inter Milan verus AC Milan and the fashion capital of the world (well, to the Italians at least) Milan will be ripped apart into two distinctly opposite halves. On one side there will be the Inter fans clad in blue and black colors while on the other side of the divide there will be the Milan fanatics clothed in red and black. Milan could be entirely dressed in mourning black by the end of the weekend should they fail to register a win at the San Siro.

For Milan are a ridiculously unassailable 22-point behind cross-city rivals and league leaders Inter. Although they've 3 games in hand and have only just lifted the 2007 Club Would Cup, there's no running away from the fact that the Rossoneri's title hopes have already withered to ashes. Milan are still going strong in the UEFA Champions League but just like last season, they lost the plot in the Serie A right from the word go. The other hand, after a somewhat indifferent start, Inter have picked up pace and picked up points.

AC once again like last season are failing miserably in there domestic league......

Ronaldo almost single handedly wins the Premier league and Kajka gets fifa world player of the year and Ronaldo doesn' beggars belief....

Fifa are just joking with us.......they don't understand consistency at all.....

Kaka granted, had a very good CL, but where was he in the Serie A, and where is he in it this season..........
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