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Speaking on the eve of the launch of his family's memoir about the football legend, Dickie Best said: 'There are still people who throw stones.' He said there were many who still did not accept his son's alcoholism was a disease.

Best senior, 88, said Our George, which is co-written by the late Manchester United star's sister Barbara, would set the record straight about his son's life.

'This is pretty comprehensive. We know as a family what alcoholism is like. It is an illness, and that has been verified by doctors throughout the world,' he said.

'There are still people out there who will have their opinions. Some people open their mouths and don't really know what they're talking about.'

Our George focuses on the Northern Ireland footballer's relationship with his family back in Belfast throughout his life. It includes personal memories of the weeks and days towards Best's death in November, 2005.
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